Keep It Local

Many people want to gather but can not make a long trip due to expenses, health conditions, possible travel restrictions and many other reasons including the Novel Covid-19 virus. Next best plan is to safely gather locally with friends and family in smaller group settings. There are many ways to participate right where you are and it could only do good for your community. We hope that you will also pray silently on the 4th of July from sun up until noon. A conscience wave of peaceful prayer flowing all day long around the world.

There are many people who historically have given much time and energy into building the Rainbow Gatherings and helping it survive over the years. It is with a heavy heart that many of those individuals, groups, tribes and kitchens will not be attending gatherings this year.

Blessings to our family everywhere.

This is an amazing time in our history which will require comprise of which none of us have been prepared for previously. Reduce risk, prepare for the prayer, gather in place. Your intent is what matters, not where you are. Be where you need to be.

Together in peaceful unity.