Howdy Folks 2020

This gathering has ended and is in the cleanup stage as well as vision counsel process.

Archive – Dated Material

2020 Spring Council Consensus

We, as individuals, associating ourselves at Spring Council of the 49th annual Rainbow Family of Living Light in the Nez Perce National Forest on the day of June 15th 2020; so do with great respect and love, and in hope of unity, hereby agree through consensus to the following.

Day 3, June 15
1. Anyone that distributes this council’s site selection must also distribute the entirety of this consensus, word for word. We encourage copy and paste, with no alterations.

2. We encourage those that want to stay at home and om to do so. Home is where your feet are. We encourage those that wish to come to be aware of your surroundings, and encourage personal space for those that need and ask for it. Those that hug should do so consensually. With great respect; due to concern among our peers, and from among the local communities, and in acknowledgement of concerns voiced by the Nez Perce Tribe Executive Committee about safety regarding the possibility of heightened risk of any infectious exposures, through good counsel, and in the interest of all residents we may encounter while traveling; it is encouraged that any family attending the 2020 Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering use all precautions such as social distancing on all routes to and from the Gathering location site. Out of great respect for the local native Nations it is recommended that attendees refrain from visiting any tribal reservations at the time.

Day 5, June 17
3. Brush your teeth!

Day 9, June 21
4. Wash your hands.
5. Life is sacred.

Day 11, June 23
6. The 49th annual Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering invites all folk with peaceful and positive minds, to join us in silence from dawn till noon on July 4th 2020, wherever they may be, whether in your own area, your own home, with us at the Gathering site, incarcerated, or elsewhere, and we honor those who wish to gather with us in the Payette National Forest from July 1st to July 7th 2020, and to counsel our vision of World Peace through inner peace on the 7th Day.

IF YOU INTEND TO ATTEND THE GATHERING, prepare your things, move carefully and politely, and remain dispersed at a safe distance. STAY SHINY.

2020 Annual Rainbow Gathering – Main Meadow

From Riggins Idaho go 1.4 miles North on Hwy 95.
Turn Left onto NF Road 241/Race Creek Rd.
Go 6.6 miles.
Be AWARE of potholes.
At the Y go right on to Bean Creek Rd.
Continue 5.9 miles.
This is Iron Phone Campground.
Welcome Home.
Please avoid trampling on the Wildflower Meadow.
Park along 420 Rd.
Come self sufficient.
Pack it in pack it out.
Bring your Love.

Parking veer to Right… in right hand Meadow Bus village… Veer to right… in left-hand Meadow. Handi camp… veer to left immediate right across from welcome home.

Road Closure:

Site is on public use area:

95 Rock Slide: Highway 95 is blocked due to a large rock slide from milepost 161 to milepost 188, New Meadows to 5 miles south of the Riggins area. No timeline on reopening. Check for updates.

This site in on National Forest lands in a well used public designated camping area and has a very good spring, large meadows, creeks and many natural outcroppings. The views are awesome and family is busy making a hosting place for prayer. FS has been somewhat friendly and several of the local people have been out to visit. Some want family to leave while others have brought gifts and have shared.

Nimiipuu/Nez Perce Tribal Council has given its blessing to continue the prayer for world peace and ask that there be no digging in the meadows and remove your shoes if you walk on these sacred lands.

7-3-20: Elders came and addressed counsel today from Nez Perce Tribe. Older brother senior citizen named Julian. He gave blessings to the circle, the gathering and the land. Julian IS on Nimiipuu/Nez Perce conservation society board of directors.

Coords: 45.511451, -116.423647

A Friendly Lightline 1-641-715-3900 Code: 774430#
An Annual Gathering Lightline: (208) 203-5811
Stay Connected

The confirmed information I receive at 3:45 PM California time on 7/1 is as follows : The Forest Service received an INQUIRY about a permit for this site, and was considering it, but NO ONE followed thru with an actual application.
The Nimiipuu/Nez Perce protested the possibility of a permit and were told that way fewer people would be attending than the hypothetical 5-10,000, so they (the Tribal Gov’t people) let it go at that and will not take legal action against the Gathering there
The Forest Service also told the Tribal Government that it was going to be more like 2-300 people, not 5000, 10000, 20000 etc., and the Nimiipuu/Nez Perce Tribal Government decided because of that info gatherers stay where they are.
The Nimiipuu/Nez Perce Tribal Government also asked that the people up there DO NOT dig in the meadows, DO NOT dig any more holes for anything in the meadow because that is a place where they have had sacred herb ritual gathering ceremonies for generations; and that was their prime request: avoid digging any holes in their meadow.
None of this addresses what the young ‘warriors’ citizens (non represenatives) of the Nimiipuu /Nez Perce will or won’t do; but the ‘official’ Tribal Govt of the Nimiipuu/Nez Perce has passed along its request, and isn’t going to take any further action to block what’s happening.

Drum circle from sun down to sun up, Spirit has come to be on the land. Family is on the consented site with several kitchens, 12 springs and lots of activity. No digging – no shoes in the meadow.

1.5 mile cow creek road at 241 is FS Station. Local activists are peacefully trying to encourage family to another site at Skunk Cabbage Flats. This interaction should be friendly and quick if you choose to stop and visit them. Family is near Riggins at the Iron Phone Campground and will remain through vision counsel as well as cleanup.