Clean and Green

First of all let me say that people gathering this year are so awesome! We gathered in a beautiful wilderness high in the mountains of Idaho and love was shared as well as the solidarity of joining together for a moment in time to honor and reflect on common peace. Everyone who participated in this intimate gathering brought something to gift the circle. Families came together and manifested what is known as a Rainbow Gathering of Living Light. We lived that experience together.

As many people already know, the site was a public use area and has suffered some abuse over the years. The site itself is breathtaking and majestically inspiring in all its form, a sacred land to many people and good sustenance for the those who come to gather here and partake of it’s bounty.

Even so, it has been harmed by humans for years.

Cleanup began at the very start of the gathering and continued through the prayers, social circles and the vision counsel. Everyone who made town trips took some trash with them. The local visitors helped by offering their trucks to get stuff off the mountain and to recycling centers in the area. Kitchens, campers and even the kids picked up after themselves and others, the micro trash was respected and removed.

Today, July 12, 2020 the last people finalizing the site will move on and leave the site in a condition that is better than when we came. New trash as well as old trash has been removed, our trails are minimal but have been covered. Latrines, pits and tire ruts have been filled in. The springs that where used have been naturalized and some are better for the effort. The site was miles long and both sides of the road got hand picked for all garbage, broken glass, cans and one toaster.

People need to take pride in this land and keep it as natural as possible for future generations and the medicine it offers to everyone. The campground is unique in many ways and can not be duplicated anywhere else on Earth. If you come here please exercise good stewardship and gift the area with some extra effort, keep it clean and beautiful.

Next week the local cattle operations will be herding stock through this region, they have been waiting patiently on us to leave. They have a lease permit to do their grazing and did not force us to go nor did they run cattle while we where here.

The 49th Annual Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering for World Peace is over. Prayers where made, blessings given and yes, hugs where shared as well as tears. We are One … the sum of us, not just some of us.

The campfire coals are cold but will warm our hearts with many memories of these days together. Carry the light of love on the trails of life and always be good family.

We Love You!

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Nez Perce Tribe Executive Council: (208)843-2253
Forest Service (Riggins, ID): (208)628-3916
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